Silver Suns Chapter 09

“Momocha, no!!” Luna lunged for her out of desperation even knowing she wouldn’t be able to reach. Momocha hit the woman’s face with a loud smack and she plopped to the floor with a smile as though satisfied. She began hopping over to Chiaki with a happy sounding gurgle.

“I’m really really really sor-” Luna was cut off when one of the men drew a spear and pointed it at her.

“This thing is yours?”

“Uhm… yeah. Look, I’m really sorry, she wasn’t in a good mood and -”

He jabbed his spear towards her face and she inched away. “Control your pet.”

He put his spear away and turned to the woman. “Let’s go.”

“But Ash, that thing – “ She fell silent when he gave her a sharp look. He threw a look over the rest of the table and turned back to his group.

“We’re late anyways. The clan leader’s messaging me about the raid. Let’s go.”

The woman glared at Luna and her eyes seemed to almost pop out in anger when Momocha stuck her tongue out at her. Luna groaned and hid her face in her hands as the group left the restaurant.

“Momocha… did you really have to?”

Momocha blew a raspberry at her and jumped onto Chiaki’s head. She hopped there lightly, obviously very happy with herself. Chi was still pale and Chiarra and Chisa held hands in fear while Chiaki seemed to forget about the incident the moment Momocha had hopped onto his head. Raza ate silently, wondering what level 50 players were doing in a level 30 zone.


“Oh man, did you have to quest without me? I’m behind now!” Liolac whined at Luna and Raza as he squished Momocha around in his hands. Chi and his siblings were having dinner while the players planned their entry into a low-level dungeon the next day. Luna grinned at him.

“Well, now you know how I felt when you leveled with that potion before.”

Liolac pouted. “That’s so not the same thing.”

He had finished school and done his homework on the bus ride home, asking his parents to leave his dinner on his desk. They had told him that just because they had bought him the game didn’t mean that he could skip family dinners every night and he had promised that it wouldn’t happen too often. He was disappointed to find that Luna, Chi and Raza had done a series of quests without him.

“Let’s do the dungeon at 8PM server time! I gotta have dinner with the ‘rents. Else they’ll take the game away.”

“I probably have to stay a bit late at work anyways since I skipped today. Raza, you okay with 8PM?”

“Sure. I’ll probably be online all day tomorrow, just message me when you get on. Luna, you going to tank?”

“Yeah… but I’m going to need a sword and shield if I want to do that. Chi will heal, you two are obviously dps… think we should get one more dps and make a full party?”

Luna wondered how Chi would fare in the dungeon. If there was a wipe or he died, would he respawn like a player? Or… would he just disappear from the game? Or heavens forbid, would he respawn as a normal NPC again?

“Guys…? I had a thought. What if Chi dies?” Raza voiced Luna’s worries. She had figured out that Chi was some kind of NPC from what little information Luna had passed onto her and she realized that his siblings would not do well in a world without him.

Liolac dropped Momocha, who gave him a toothless bite on his leg in anger. “Oh, shit! What if he does?! Think he’ll respawn at the graveyard? What if he… dies… like, actually dies like we do if we die in real life?! We can’t take him to the dungeon!!”

Luna bit her lip. “He really needs the gear from there, though… It’s not like we can share the loot with him, most dungeon loot is bound to the looter.”

“Will he even be able to roll for gear?” Raza hated to bring up these negative aspects and worried they would dislike her for it but she liked Chi and didn’t want to throw him into a dungeon where he might die and never appear again.

The group fell silent as they thought it over. Luna spoke first. “Okay, how about this. We’ll talk to Chi about the risks and we won’t invite another player if he wants to go with us. I don’t know how we would explain why he can’t roll for gear to another player so we’ll give it a try with just the four of us. If he doesn’t want to take the risk, we’ll find another healer and gear up so we can help him find bind on equip gear from mobs or quests. Or… we go without him first to see how difficult it is and only take him if we’re confident that he’ll be fine. We’ll still tell him the risk, but only after we try it out first.”

Liolac clapped Luna on the back. “Good thinking, Luna! Let’s go try out the dungeon tonight! I’ll recruit a healer and another dps for us!”


The four of them stood at the dungeon’s entrance. Luna, Liolac and Raza had had a surprisingly easy time in the dungeon the night before and were confident they would do well. Chi had stated that he would take the risk as he could gather rare herbs inside (Luna rolled her eyes at this comment) and wanted to grow stronger but knew that he had to take risks in order to do so.

“Ready, guys? Let’s goooooo!” Liolac jumped into the portal to “SunYin’s Dungeons.”


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