Silver Suns Chapter 11

“Shitshitshitshitshitshit!!!” Liolac pulled himself up and threw himself at FenYi, forgetting that he was even in a game. Momocha let out an angry wail, launching herself at FenYi. Raza dropped her spear in shock and Luna leapt onto his back, stabbing him deep in the back. FenYi laughed despite the pain he felt as he swung around to throw off the players and Momocha. Raza ran to Chi, lifting him up in her arms. She patted his face lightly, crying.

“Chi, c’mon, Chi!!” She sobbed, getting no response from him. The moment FenYi had stabbed Chi in the heart, she had hoped Chi’s body would disappear the way players did when they spawned at the graveyard. When his body hadn’t disappeared, she had had hope that he was still breathing but it was gone the moment she realized that he was no longer alive.

Luna swung from FenYi’s back, refusing to let go of the sword. She shouted to Liolac to get off and cast spells – his punches did almost no damage to the boss monster. Liolac tumbled off and began casting as Luna and Momocha fought to stay on FenYi, raining down blows upon the maniacally laughing man.

I can’t die, you fools! Ever since the curse, even when my life fades, I am returned here! I am immortal! I am a phoenix, I shall be reborn!

“I don’t give a shit, you fucker! You killed our friend!” Luna brought her sword down into his back again and again with one hand gripping his shirt. Tears welled in her eyes as she took a glance over at Raza and Chi. What if he’s really dead? What am I going to tell the kids?!

Momocha screeched over and over again as she punched and kicked FenYi with her glowing hands and legs. Raza sat with Chi in her arms, frozen in her grief. She had never lost a loved one in real life and had never realized how much she could grow to like someone in such a short span of time. Liolac rained fire upon FenYi, hoping that Chi would get up again soon. FenYi managed to throw Luna off and he grabbed Momocha by the back of her shirt. He threw Momocha into the wall across from him and dashed towards the defenseless Raza. He had become excited when he had killed Chi and wanted another easy kill.

FenYi was knocked back when Raza grabbed her spear with lightning speed and swung it above her head. She put Chi down carefully and yelled to Luna. “Get up, Luna! We have to kill him before he gets our hp down too low!”

The health tonics had cooldowns and Raza regretted not buying the special health tonics with shorter cooldowns from the cash shop. Without the special health tonics or a healer, they had to bring FenYi down as fast as possible. None of them wanted to fail and spawn at the graveyard… but more than that, they wanted revenge.


The trio sat around Chi’s body. Momocha had transformed back into her blobby self and disappeared, crying angrily.

“Do you think he’ll disappear and respawn at all?” Raza used her fingers to comb Chi’s hair back from his face.

Liolac sobbed over his friend’s body, unable to speak. Luna sat silently, finding herself unable to speak but also unable to cry. They had halfheartedly opened the glowing chest that had spawned near FenYi’s corpse and dumped all of the gear into Momocha except for the healing gear. None of them wanted to use any of the gear that had cost their friend his life but laid the gear he would have worn across his chest.

Raza tucked some loose hair behind her ear and stood. “We should go. We need to figure out what to do. If we can’t fix this, we have to take him to his siblings and figure out how we can take care of them in his place.”

She reached down and tucked her hands under Luna’s arms, pulling her up. She did the same to Liolac, who rubbed his eyes with his hands. Luna and Raza lifted Chi onto Liolac’s back and they slowly made their way to the portal that would take them outside.


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