Silver Suns Chapter 12

The trio had a surprise visitor when they landed outside the dungeon. A giant bird was waiting for them and it squawked at them when they tried to pass it by. It used its head to hit Luna’s side, turning its back to her. Strapped to its back was a medium sized pouch and it nodded its head when Luna asked if it was for her. She took the pouch and the bird shuffled off to the side, watching them.

“Erm… am I supposed to open this now?” Luna pulled at the strings that were keeping the pouch closed when the bird nodded at her again. She poured out the contents onto the ground and was confused. There were vials of potions and a rolled piece of parchment. She pushed the vials to the side and opened the parchment.

Hello, Luna. It is I, Zarin. Luna sighed. It was the magician guild’s leader. Now was not a time when she wanted to be reading a letter from him but she could tell that the bird would stop her if she tried to keep moving. She kept reading.

I hope my bird finds you well. I have done some more research on the curse that has befallen our world. As you may recall, I stated that Chi is life, death and nothing. He is an anomaly, able to transcend the limits of our world. He is the only one who can gain the strength to save us. I have heard rumors that the Hesiod have something to do with this curse, although I am unsure as to what, so please investigate anything to do with them. Merati has contacted me already about the potion she gave Chi. In the meantime, please give Chi the orange and lavender potions as it will give his powers a boost. The other potions are for you and those who will join you on this journey. Please respond by giving my bird, Ning, the letter. He will come to me if you give him the command to “return.”

She stood there, wondering how the hell she was supposed to tell this guy that Chi was gone. Or maybe he would have be able to help them? She summoned Momocha, who was still crying and angry and summoned a parchment, a small bottle of ink and a pen. Momocha disappeared again and Luna knelt on the ground, placing the parchment on the hard surface to write. She wrote to Zarin thanking him for the potions and informing him of Chi’s death, feeling tears well up in her eyes again. She signed it and put it back into the pouch the potions and letter had come in and tied it to the straps on Ning’s back.

“Ning, return.” The bird gave a squawk and waddled off towards the exit. They slowly went the same way, wondering what the hell they were going to tell Chi’s siblings.


They put Chi on the bed he had bought just the day before with his siblings. Chiarra, Chisa and Chiaki were in the living room, crying as the three players stayed in the room with Chi, unsure as to what they should do. Liolac and Raza sat on the floor, staring at the ceiling, wondering how they had come to this point in a game. Luna watched them silently, wondering if Zarin would be able to respond by that night.

“I’m going to go talk to them… We need to figure out what to do and I don’t know a thing about how they do things around here when someone… you know.”

Liolac and Raza nodded, emotionally exhausted. Luna stepped outside, closing the door behind her quietly. She put her arms around the three crying in the living room and sat with them for a few minutes.

“I don’t know if we can do something to help you guys right now… I know it feels like the world’s ending but when we met Chi, when we met you guys, it meant to us that we would be connected for a long time. Even if Chi’s not with us anymore, we will never leave you. I know we can’t take his place and we would never think to do that… But we’re your siblings now, too. And I contacted Zarin… he might be able to help us. I think your brother is different from everyone else in this world and there might be a way for him to come back to us. We need to figure out what to do soon, though, so I want you guys to go to sleep if you can and Raza will be back in the morning. Liolac and I have obligations during the day so we’ll be back in the evening, okay?”

The three nodded, holding onto her even tighter. She sighed, patting Chiaki’s head. “We’ll be okay… you guys will be okay. C’mon, let’s go to bed.”


Luna took off her VR headset and climbed out of the capsule. She sat at the edge of it, sighing as she pushed back her bangs. She covered her face with her hands, crying quietly. Zarin had replied with a letter basically stating that he had no idea what was going on but that he would do what research he could although Chi’s death could not bode well for any of them. She wiped her tears and crawled into her bed, too tired to do her usual before-bed rituals.

“OH MY GOD!!” She scrambled to get off the bed upon finding someone sleeping in it. “What the hell!!” She ran to turn on her bedroom light and faced the bed. She turned pale as she saw Chi sitting up, rubbing his eyes in confusion.


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